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Our specialist renewable energy lawyers are a team brought together from DTM Legal’s core legal services such as corporate, commercial and property. This broad and diverse knowledge the team can tap in to is unique and ensures creative and sustainable solutions for you.

A detailed understanding of the legal issues affecting the renewable and energy sector is the reason for our success on projects, client relationships and extensive network across the sector.

We have experience across many areas of our business in matters such as:

  • Property, Corporate, and Business Acquisitions and Disposals: We can guide you through the legal intricacies of property and business transactions in the renewable energy sector, ensuring compliance with all regulatory requirements.
  • Commercial Property Installations: Our expertise extends to advising on and facilitating commercial property installations for renewable energy projects, helping you navigate agreements and compliance issues.
  • Site Acquisition: We can assist in the acquisition of sites for renewable energy projects, ensuring that all legal aspects are managed efficiently.
  • Patent Litigation: In the highly innovative field of renewable energy, patent protection is crucial. Our team can support you in patent litigation, safeguarding your intellectual property.
  • Contract Structures: We excel in crafting and reviewing contract structures that govern the various aspects of renewable energy projects, from equipment procurement to power purchase agreements.
  • Equipment Purchase Agreements: We provide guidance on equipment purchase agreements, helping you secure the necessary resources for your renewable energy initiatives.
  • Health and Safety: Safety is paramount in renewable energy projects. We can help ensure that you are fully aware of health and safety regulations for your project.
  • Land Acquisition: Our team can assist in the legal aspects of land acquisition for renewable energy development, ensuring that the process is smooth and legally sound.
  • Environmental Legislation: Compliance with environmental regulations is critical in renewable energy. We can help you understand your environmental obligations.
  • Development and Planning: We can guide you through the development and planning stages of renewable energy projects, ensuring that you meet all legal requirements and regulatory standards.

If you would like to find out more, speak to one of team on 01244 354800. View the full range of our legal services or visit our Commercial Property page.

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