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Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) considerations span a wide array of business operations and likewise encompass a number of legal services. DTM Legal has chosen, as part of our ESG Policy to advocate for, improve awareness of, and advise on ESG policies for businesses in the North West.

In addition to a proactive stance on ESG, DTM Legal has built a reputation for offering comprehensive legal services tailored to the unique needs of its clients. The DTM Legal Team of experienced solicitors understand that ESG compliance and integration into business strategies can be complex, and we are dedicated to providing guidance that ensures both legal and ethical alignment. Whether it’s advising on sustainable business practices, navigating regulatory requirements, or assisting with responsible investment decisions, DTM Legal’s commitment to ESG principles is deeply embedded in our legal practice, making DTM a trusted partner for businesses seeking to thrive in a socially and environmentally responsible manner.

Businesses face a myriad of legal intricacies when it comes to Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) policies. Our team of experts is well-equipped to offer a wealth of knowledge and best practice guidance across a spectrum of ESG-related concerns, as highlighted below.

ESG - Legal Considerations for Business


ESG guidance for small businesses

Whilst smaller businesses may not be subject to the same reporting requirements as their larger counterparts, it remains imperative to establish a robust framework of best practices and legal safeguards not least because the larger organisations in the supply network are likely to demand such of those they do business with.

Small businesses should consider consulting with legal experts who can provide invaluable guidance on implementing measures that align with ethical and sustainable principles. Such measures can include adopting responsible sourcing practices, ensuring fair labour standards, and fostering a diverse and inclusive workplace. Additionally, legal consultation can assist small businesses in proactively mitigating potential risks, addressing regulatory compliance, and seizing opportunities for growth while staying in harmony with ESG principles.

ESG regulations for medium and large companies

ESG regulations for medium and large companies in the UK are a multifaceted landscape, characterised by a collection of laws and regulations that collectively define the minimum standards and expectations for a company’s ESG policy. While there may not be a single, overarching ESG law, several key pieces of legislation play pivotal roles in shaping these requirements.

For those considering ESG policy and its implementation, the Companies Act 2006 (Strategic Report and Directors’ Report) Regulations 2013 is a cornerstone regulation. This requires medium and large companies to include an ESG report in their annual reporting. The UK Modern Slavery Act 2015 demands transparency in supply chains, the Gender Pay Gap Reporting Regulations 2017 mandate that larger companies report on the gender pay gap, encouraging measures to address gender inequality. These are just a few of the relevant legal matters that demonstrate the diverse nature of ESG within the UK.

While these regulations provide a framework for ESG compliance, the landscape is dynamic, with ongoing developments in both national and international ESG standards. Therefore, it is essential for medium and large companies to stay abreast of evolving regulations, consult legal experts, and actively engage in responsible business practices to meet their ESG obligations and contribute positively to society and the environment.

Your trusted ESG legal experts

Alison Brennon, Partner and Head of Compliance and Service Delivery, spearheads our ESG advisory services. However, recognising the multifaceted nature of ESG legal practice, our approach involves harnessing the collective expertise of a team of legal practitioners within DTM Legal. Together, our legal professionals bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table, enabling us to offer comprehensive and pragmatic advice to businesses seeking the effective implementation of ESG policies.

For a discussion regarding your Environmental, Social and Governance needs, please don’t hesitate to reach out to Alison Brennan, who can be contacted at 01244 354 815 or via email at

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