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Are you considering selling your property?

The SRA have asked all regulated law firms who carry out Residential Conveyancing to publish information on average Residential Sales matters.  We believe there is no such thing as an average residential transaction; we like to treat each client as an individual.  More complex matters may result in additional charges and longer timescales for completion.  Additionally, due to the impact of COVID-19 on the property market, many transactions are taking longer than usual.  Some firms are reporting that standard transactions (those usually completed within 8 weeks) are taking up to 5 months.  We will do our upmost to progress your sale in a timely manner. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any queries about the information below.

What is the price range for this service?

  • Our pricing is dependent on the sale price of the property:

    £0-100K – £650.00

    £100-150K – £700.00

    £150-200K – £750.00

    £200-250K – £800.00

    £250-300K – £850.00

    £300-400K – £900.00

    £400-500K – £950.00

    £500-600K – £1,050.00

    £600-700K – £1,100.00

    £700-800K – £1,150.00

    £800-900K – £1,200.00

    £900- £1 Million – £1,400.00

  • If the property is Leasehold, there may be an additional £295.00 charge.

What hourly rates do you charge?

  • We do not charge for Residential work on an hourly basis. If your matter requires additional steps to be undertaken, you may be charged a fixed additional fee (please see “What services may be required in addition to the above, and what will they cost?” below).

What disbursements will I need to pay?

  • Land Registry Office Copies – £3.00 per document, e.g. a copy of the Register and the Title Plan would cost £6.00, if the property is registered at the Land Registry.

Will I be charged VAT?

  • We charge VAT on our fees but there is no VAT on most disbursements.

What steps are involved?

  1. Taking instructions and approving money laundering documentation and ID verification.
  2. Obtaining title information documents, preparation and drafting of contract.  Sending contract pack to purchaser’s solicitor.  In the case of leasehold properties, making contact with the managing agents to obtain the seller’s pack.
  3. Requesting redemption statements.

Steps 1-3 are usually done within five working days of receiving client’s completed initial documentation.

  1. Responding to enquiries raised by the purchaser’s solicitors.  These will be dealt with within five working days however further documentation including leasehold seller’s packs will be forwarded to the buyer’s solicitor as soon as received.
  2. Obtaining signatures to contract and transfer deeds.  Replying to requisitions on title within two days of receipt from the buyer’s solicitor.
  3. Exchanging contracts and agreeing completion date once all parties are ready.  This will be dealt with expeditiously but will depend on the parties in the chain.
  4. Completion.  All completions will be dealt with expeditiously on the agreed completion date.

What services are included in the price?

  • Carrying out the legal work involved in the sale of your house including the perusal of title documents, preparation and agreement of the contract and transfer, and repaying any mortgages or charges secured against the property.

What services may be required in addition to the above, and what will they cost?

  • Potential additional services may include:


Additional Work Charge (Ex VAT)
If you require completion to take place in less than 14 days from exchange of contracts £100.00
If we are instructed in a contract race with more than one buyer £250.00
Receiving instructions via a Lender portal (such as LMS) £25.00
If the title to the property is to be upgraded with the Land Registry (excluding Land Registry Fee) £125.00
Gifted Deposit from third party £75.00
If your lender requires occupiers to sign a consent or release £75.00
Statutory declaration or statement of truth £195.00
Arranging Indemnity Insurance (excluding the cost of the insurance policy) £100.00
Key Undertaking £100.00
If there are other solicitors related to the transaction, either dealing with a related sale/purchase or matrimonial £150.00
HMO if the property is bought or sold with multiple occupation £125.00
Deed of Postponement £150.00
Unregistered Property £200.00
Shared ownership leases £250.00
Help to Buy Scheme £250.00
If the lender has their own representation or you are using a non-high street lender £450.00
New build Properties (if not aware when instructed) £250.00
Leasehold (if not aware when instructed) £295.00
If we are required to draft or approve a tenancy agreement £195.00
If the property is being purchased as a Buy to Let with specialist Lender £300.00
Freehold Reversion £250.00
If there are solar panels on the property and subject to a lease £250.00
Declaration of Trust £250.00
Deed of Covenant (each) £250.00
Transfer of Equity £675.00
Transfer of Part £350.00
Defective Title Hourly rate
If a property is being purchased through an Auction (does not include a fee for checking the auction pack nor does it cover attendance at the auction) Minimum of £450 depending on price
Purchase/sale of additional plot/piece of land with a separate title To be agreed depending on parcel and price
Sale of Freehold property subject to a management company or service charge £250.00
Where source of funding requires further investigation £110.00


Who will handle my matter?


Who supervises the work?

Residential Sales Team

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