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On Sunday 10th May ‘Team DTM’ laced up their boots for another appearance in the Pursglove and Brown Charity Shield at the Cheshire County Sports Club.

Once again the DTM lads confounded the sceptics and showed terrific courage against generally more youthful and fitter opponents.

Entered into a group of 6, confidence was high after starting the tournament with 3 undefeated games. The back 3 were marshalled by the uncompromising tackles of McAllister, Thomas and Linton, whilst Barnes and Andrews provided the cutting edge up front.

Andrews’s less than vicious strike found its way into the net to secure a 1-1 draw against Oliver & Co whilst Barnes was rewarded for his endeavour with a spectacular strike in a further 1-1 draw.

Morris and Williams acquitted themselves admirably for the cause but it was the goalkeeping heroics of Mike ‘the (self-proclaimed) Cat’ Wright who kept DTM in the early contests.

Unfortunately, that was as good as it got. Age, fatigue and a recurrence of previous sporting injuries contributed to DTM’s slow downfall. A late goal saw DTM lose 1-0 in its penultimate fixture and with play more associated with playground kickabouts, the boys lost 1-0 in the final group game against favourites Bluestone Recruitment when only a win would have done.

So another enjoyable day with cuts, bruises, hamstring injuries and plenty of laughs at each others expense a running theme. No semi-final or final appearances to report but at least everyone was home in time for Sunday lunch and the Eastenders omnibus edition!

Participation in next year’s tournament remains dependant on many of the players recovering in time with just 365 days to go until the 2016 Shield. To quote Terry Venables “If history repeats itself, I should think we can expect the same thing.”

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