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LCR FinTech Growth Group Social Event

In a remarkable display of collaboration and innovation, the Liverpool City Region (LCR) FinTech Growth Group recently hosted its inaugural event, drawing together members of the burgeoning FinTech community. This event not only provided a valuable platform for networking but also served as a catalyst for identifying new opportunities within the FinTech and wider Tech community in the Liverpool City Region.

The LCR FinTech Growth Group: Nurturing Innovation for a Thriving Future

At the heart of this successful gathering lies the LCR FinTech Growth Group—a dynamic consortium dedicated to fostering growth and collaboration within the FinTech sector. Comprising esteemed partners such as RSM UK, The Growth Platform, Professional Liverpool, Liverpool City Region Combined Authority, FinTech North, University of Liverpool, Courtney Recruitment, and Baltic Apprenticeships, the group brings together diverse expertise and resources.

The FinTech Growth Group was created following the publication of the Liverpool City Region FinTech Report 2023 and aims to enact the key learnings from the report.

Goals of the LCR FinTech Growth Group:

The primary goal of the LCR FinTech Growth Group is to act as a driving force behind the progress and development of the FinTech community in the Liverpool City Region. By facilitating meaningful connections, sharing insights, and fostering collaboration, the group aims to create an environment conducive to innovation and growth within the rapidly evolving landscape of financial technology.

Post-Event Momentum:

The success of the inaugural event can be attributed to the unwavering support of the LCR FinTech Growth Group’s members, including DTM Legal. As active participants in the group, the DTM Legal team is eager to progress the ideas initiated during the event, playing a pivotal role in advancing the FinTech community’s growth.

Stay Connected: Follow DTM Legal on LinkedIn for Future Opportunities

To stay abreast of upcoming events, discussions, and opportunities within the FinTech community, we recommend following DTM Legal on LinkedIn. As founding members of the LCR FinTech Growth Group we will share news on their activity and promote further opportunities to be involved. If you would like to learn more about the LCR FinTech Growth Group email

DTM Legal: Over a Decade of Tech Sector Expertise

With a rich legacy spanning over 10 years, DTM Legal has been a stalwart in the technology sector. The firm has successfully collaborated with businesses of all sizes, from start-ups to PLCs, showcasing an impressive track record in navigating the intricacies of the tech landscape. As a trusted partner, DTM Legal brings a wealth of experience to the table, making them an invaluable asset for those looking to navigate the evolving terrain of technology and FinTech.

The success of the LCR FinTech Growth Group’s inaugural event is a testament to the collaborative spirit and forward-thinking approach of its members. With DTM Legal’s continued dedication to supporting FinTech growth, the future promises to be one filled with innovation, collaboration, and unprecedented opportunities for the Liverpool City Region’s FinTech community.

Visit our Innovation, Tech and Digital page for more information on our work and the services we provide within this sector.

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