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It was a case of the law and the jungle when DTM Legal became Chester Zoo’s very first Corporate Adopter of their Asian elephants.

In India and South East Asia, elephants roam large areas of scrub and grasslands. For many years they were hunted and killed for their ivory tusks. Now they face a threat to their survival because much of their natural homeland is being taken over by farmers and developers.

To help counter this, Chester Zoo has set up an Asian Elephant Conservation Programme to explore problem-free ways for elephants and farmers to happily share land, avoiding human-elephant conflict.

DTM Legal’s Alison Brennan says: “Chester Zoo is one of our most valued clients and becoming a Corporate Adopter was a great way to cement that relationship and to send a message about our support for the Zoo in its goal of protecting Asian elephants for future generations.

“Our company name is now listed on the ‘Adopters Recognition Board’ at the Asian Forest enclosure, so Chester Zoo’s visitors will know we care too.

“Coincidentally, one of our other clients, Typhoo Tea, is also doing a huge amount of work to support projects designed to minimise human-elephant conflict, as this article in the Economic Times of India explains. Great and really important work by two of our clients.”


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