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In April 2024, a significant change in UK employment law came into force, introducing the Carer’s Leave Act. This new legislation was designed to address the needs of employees responsible for caring for dependents and represented a pivotal step towards creating a more supportive workplace environment. UK businesses were advised to introduce policies which ensured compliance with this important change in the law.

The Carer’s Leave Act: Key Features and Implications

The Carer’s Leave Act aimed to recognise and support employees who are carers by providing them with specific rights and provisions. Here are some of the key aspects of this legislation:

  • Coverage and Eligibility: The legislation covers employees in England, Wales, and Scotland who are providing long-term care.
  • Duration and Flexibility of Leave: Employees can book a whole week of unpaid leave at once, allowing for leave to be taken in half or full-day increments.  
  • Notice Period: Employees need to give their employer at least 3 days’ notice, increasing proportionally to the time required off work.
  • Notification to Employer: Employees don’t need to notify their employer in writing regarding their intention to take Carer’s Leave and no evidence is required of their dependant’s care needs.
  • Employment Protections: Employees taking Carer’s Leave are afforded the same employment protections as other forms of family-related leave, including protection from dismissal or detriment because of taking the leave.

Implications for Businesses:

For businesses, the introduction of the Carer’s Leave Act necessitated several important actions:

  • Policy Updates: Employers are advised to ensure their employee handbooks and HR policies incorporate provisions for the Carer’s Leave Act, ensuring that all relevant information is communicated clearly to employees.
  • Training and Awareness: Managers and HR personnel should ensure they have an understanding of the specifics of the Carer’s Leave Act to effectively implement and administer the policies within their organisations.

Taking Action with Legal Guidance

Navigating the Carer’s Leave Act and ensuring compliance with employee entitlements can be challenging given the continuously evolving employment landscape. Business owners and HR professionals are encouraged to consult with legal professionals specialising in employment law to navigate these changes effectively.

DTM Legal’s experienced Employment and HR team offer invaluable assistance to businesses in updating their policies, understanding their obligations under the Carer’s Leave Act, and implementing compliant practices. By proactively addressing updates to employment law, businesses can demonstrate their commitment to supporting employee well-being and fostering an inclusive workplace culture.

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