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Gender Pay Gap

The deadline for organisations publishing their gender pay gap data is approaching fast and with just under 3 months until the deadline,  527 of the circa 9000 eligible organisations have published their data so far. From those who have already published their data notable results for some well-known companies include: women’s hourly pay rates are 52% lower than men’s at Easyjet and on average women earn 15% less per hour at Ladbrokes and 33% less at Virgin Money.

Under the Equality Act 2010 (Gender Pay Gap Information) Regulations 2017, all organisations employing 250 or more people are required to declare their gender pay gap – the difference between the average earnings of male and female workers- by  4th April 2018. Public sector bodies must report before 30th March 2018.

The following calculations must be included within the report:

  • average gender pay gap as a mean average
  • average gender pay gap as a median average
  • average bonus gender pay gap as a mean average
  • average bonus gender pay gap as a median average
  • proportion of males receiving a bonus payment and proportion of females receiving a bonus payment
  • proportion of males and females when divided into four groups ordered from lowest to highest pay.

The results must be published on the company website and are also published on the government’s website. Companies have the option to also provide a narrative with their calculations to perhaps explain or give context to the results.

It is important to note that the data covers the discrepancy between the average wage earned by men and women at a company regardless of their position. This is different from equal pay, which is a legal requirement that men and women be paid the same amount for the same role or a role of equal value.

If you need further information to ensure compliance with the gender pay gap legislation, please contact Tom Evans on 0151 230 1217 or

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