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Farming and divorces

Farming cases are often more complex and difficult than others.

It may well be that the farm has passed down generations in your family, or you may have married into the farming family and feel vulnerable as to your future.

Very often there will be many years of estate planning and covenants that are in place in terms of how the land can be dealt with.

There may be life interests to consider as well as other ownership issues.

A value of the land and the stock and the businesses will undoubtedly come into question when dealing with farming and divorce. Almost certainly there will be liquidity issues, i.e., how does the money come out of the business to share the asset base.

It may well be that you are a family member who is concerned about the impact of a divorce upon the farm as opposed to the person who is getting divorced.

Whatever the situation, here at DTM Legal we have expert legal advice available given the experience of our Team. We have access to other specialist experts that may be needed for example valuers and we can guide your family through the process. For advice please contact Lesley Smythe or email her at

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